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February 24, 2009


2009-2010 Regulatory Release (Source Code Changes, with User Guide updates)

Affected modules:
  WFACG10D  Parameter
  WFACG10E  Subroutine
  WFACG10M  Map
  WFACG10P  Program
  WFACG10Z  Subroutine
  WFAFC10P  Program
  WFAFC10W  Subroutine
  WFAFC10X  Subroutine
  WFAFC10Y  Subroutine
  WFAFI10B  Program
  WFAFR10N  Subprogram
  WFAFS10E  Subroutine
  WFAGC10M  Map
  WFAGC10P  Program
  WFAGC10Z  Subroutine
  WFAGI10B  Program
  WFAGR10N  Subprogram
  WFA10OVM  Map
  WFA10OVZ  Subroutine
  WFA10PAM  Map
  WFA10PAZ  Subroutine
  WFA10STM  Map
  WFA10STZ  Subroutine
  WFCPC10D  Parameter
  WFCPC10O  Subprogram
  WFCPC10R  Parameter
  WFCPC10S  Parameter
  WFCPC10T  Subroutine
  WFCPC10V  Parameter
  WFCPI10M  Map
  WFCPI10P  Program
  WFCPI10Z  Subroutine
  WFCPS10B  Subprogram
  WFCPS10D  Parameter
  WFCPS10O  Subprogram
  WFCPS10R  Parameter
  WFCPS10S  Parameter
  WFCPS10T  Subroutine
  WFCPS10V  Parameter
  WFC10ISM  Map
  WFC10ISP  Program
  WFC10ISZ  Subroutine
  WFDPM10N  Program      (Direct Lending)
  WFECA10B  Program
  WFECO10B  Program
  WFFEC10D  Parameter
  WFFEC10O  Subprogram
  WFFEC10R  Parameter
  WFFEC10S  Parameter
  WFFEC10T  Subroutine
  WFFEC10V  Parameter
  WFFED10B  Subprogram
  WFFED10D  Parameter
  WFFED10O  Subprogram
  WFFED10R  Parameter
  WFFED10S  Parameter
  WFFED10T  Subroutine
  WFFED10V  Parameter
  WFFEL10N  Subprogram
  WFFE210N  Subprogram
  WFFE310N  Subprogram
  WFFGL10N  Subprogram
  WFFGR10M  Map
  WFFGR10P  Program
  WFFGR10Z  Subroutine
  WFFSA10P  Program
  WFFSA10W  Subroutine
  WFFSA10X  Subroutine
  WFFSA10Y  Subroutine
  WFFSC10P  Program
  WFFSC10W  Subroutine
  WFFSC10X  Subroutine
  WFFSC10Y  Subroutine
  WFFSP10B  Program
  WFF10CAM  Map
  WFF10CAZ  Subroutine
  WFF1001M  Map
  WFF1001Z  Subroutine
  WFF10011  Subroutine
  WFF10012  Subroutine
  WFF1002M  Map
  WFF1002Z  Subroutine
  WFF10021  Subroutine
  WFF10022  Subroutine
  WFF1003M  Map
  WFF1003Z  Subroutine
  WFF10031  Subroutine
  WFF10032  Subroutine
  WFF101AM  Map
  WFF101AZ  Subroutine
  WFF101BM  Map
  WFF101BZ  Subroutine
  WFF102AM  Map
  WFF102AZ  Subroutine
  WFF103AM  Map
  WFF103AZ  Subroutine
  WFF103BM  Map
  WFF103BZ  Subroutine
  WFF104AM  Map
  WFF104AZ  Subroutine
  WFF105AM  Map
  WFF105AZ  Subroutine
  WFF105BM  Map
  WFF105BZ  Subroutine
  WFF106AM  Map
  WFF106AZ  Subroutine
  WFGLA10B  Program      (FFELP)
  WFGLB10B  Program      (FFELP)
  WFGLN10B  Program      (FFELP)
  WFGTA10N  Subprogram
  WFGTD10N  Subprogram
  WFGTE10N  Subprogram
  WFGTI10N  Subprogram
  WFGTL10N  Subprogram
  WFGTN10N  Subprogram
  WFGTV10N  Subprogram
  WFISC10D  Parameter
  WFISC10O  Subprogram
  WFISC10R  Parameter
  WFISC10S  Parameter
  WFISC10T  Subroutine
  WFISC10V  Parameter
  WFISR10D  Parameter
  WFISR10E  Subroutine
  WFISR10L  Local
  WFISR10O  Subprogram
  WFISR10R  Parameter
  WFISR10S  Parameter
  WFISR10T  Subroutine
  WFISR10V  Parameter
  WFISW10D  Parameter
  WFISW10E  Subroutine
  WFISX10D  Parameter
  WFISX10E  Subroutine
  WFISY10D  Parameter
  WFISY10E  Subroutine
  WFISZ10D  Parameter
  WFISZ10E  Subroutine
  WFLON10N  Subprogram    No subs chg – Clients may roll
  WFMCA10D  Parameter
  WFMCA10O  Subprogram
  WFMCA10R  Parameter
  WFMCA10S  Parameter
  WFMCL10M  Map
  WFMCL10P  Program
  WFMCL10Z  Subroutine
  WFM10PAP  Program
  WFM10PAW  Subroutine
  WFM10PAX  Subroutine
  WFM10PAY  Subroutine
  WFM10P1M  Map
  WFM10P1Z  Subroutine
  WFM10P2M  Map
  WFM10P2Z  Subroutine
  WFM10P3M  Map
  WFM10P3Z  Subroutine
  WFM10RAM  Map
  WFM10RAP  Program
  WFM10RAZ  Subroutine
  WFM10STP  Program
  WFM10STW  Subroutine
  WFM10STX  Subroutine
  WFM10STY  Subroutine
  WFM10S1M  Map
  WFM10S1Z  Subroutine
  WFM10S2M  Map
  WFM10S2Z  Subroutine
  WFM10S3M  Map
  WFM10S3Z  Subroutine
  WFNAC10D  Parameter
  WFNAC10E  Subroutine
  WFNAC10N  Subprogram
  WFNAF10N  Subprogram
  WFNAN10E  Subroutine
  WFNAN10N  Subprogram
  WFNCD10N  Subprogram
  WFNCI10N  Subprogram
  WFNPM10N  Program
  WFNSC10D  Parameter
  WFNSC10O  Subprogram
  WFNSC10R  Parameter
  WFNSC10S  Parameter
  WFNSC10T  Subroutine
  WFNSC10V  Parameter
  WFNSD10M  Map
  WFNSD10P  Program
  WFNSD10Z  Subroutine
  WFNSL10D  Parameter
  WFNSL10E  Subroutine
  WFNSL10L  Local
  WFNSL10O  Subprogram
  WFNSL10R  Parameter
  WFNSL10S  Parameter
  WFNSL10T  Subroutine
  WFNSL10V  Parameter
  WFNSX10D  Parameter
  WFNSX10E  Subroutine
  WFN10AGM  Map
  WFN10AGN  Subprogram
  WFN10AGZ  Subroutine
  WFN10LNN  Subprogram
  WFN10LNW  Subroutine
  WFN10LNX  Subroutine
  WFN10LNY  Subroutine
  WFN10L1M  Map
  WFN10L1Z  Subroutine
  WFN10L2M  Map
  WFN10L2Z  Subroutine
  WFN10PGM  Map
  WFN10PGN  Subprogram
  WFN10PGZ  Subroutine
  WFN10SGM  Map
  WFN10SGN  Subprogram
  WFN10SGZ  Subroutine
  WFN10TGM  Map
  WFN10TGN  Subprogram
  WFN10TGZ  Subroutine
  WFPEL10D  Parameter
  WFPEL10E  Subroutine
  WFPEL10M  Map
  WFPEL10P  Program
  WFPEL10Z  Subroutine
  WFSMT10D  Parameter
  WFSMT10E  Subroutine
  WFSMT10M  Map
  WFSMT10P  Program
  WFSMT10Z  Subroutine
  WFTCH10E  Subroutine
  WFTCH10M  Map
  WFTCH10P  Program
  WFTCH10Z  Subroutine
  WFVEC10D  Parameter
  WFVEC10O  Subprogram
  WFVEC10R  Parameter
  WFVEC10S  Parameter
  WFVEC10T  Subroutine
  WFVEC10V  Parameter
  WFVER10B  Subprogram
  WFVER10D  Parameter
  WFVER10O  Subprogram
  WFVER10R  Parameter
  WFVER10S  Parameter
  WFVER10T  Subroutine
  WFVER10V  Parameter
  WFVET10M  Map
  WFVET10P  Program
  WFVET10Z  Subroutine
  WFVRF10M  Map
  WFVRF10P  Program
  WFVRF10Z  Subroutine
  WFV10PCM  Map
  WFV10PCN  Subprogram
  WFV10PCZ  Subroutine
  WFV10PVM  Map
  WFV10PVN  Subprogram
  WFV10PVZ  Subroutine
  WFV10SCM  Map
  WFV10SCN  Subprogram
  WFV10SCZ  Subroutine
  WFV10SVM  Map
  WFV10SVN  Subprogram
  WFV10SVZ  Subroutine
  WF10ACGD  Parameter
  WF10ACGL  Local
  WF10ACGR  Parameter
  WF10ACGS  Parameter
  WF10FEDD  Parameter
  WF10FEDL  Local
  WF10FEDR  Parameter
  WF10FEDS  Parameter
  WF10FEXD  Parameter
  WWPAC10N  Subprogram
  WWSPU10N  Subprogram

Updated Modules
  WFNANCLE  Subroutine
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