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April 7, 2010


FINANCIER™ allows you to:

* Review a student’s loan history (including Perkins, FFELP, Direct, Health Profession, institutional, and other loans) by aid year online.
* Package loans online or through the automated packaging process.
* Automatically distribute loans across terms for recording as awards.
* Track loan entrance/exit interviews and promissory note signatures as disbursement requirements.
* Create and maintain multiple loan applications online or through the packaging process for subsidized/unsubsidized Stafford loans, for PLUS loans, and for alternative loan programs handled by Stafford loan processors.
* Automatically calculate loan origination fees and adjust Cost of Attendance accordingly.
* Certify loans online or through a batch review process.
* Export FFELP loan applications and corrections to the loan servicers or guarantor.
* Import application and correction acknowledgments from the servicers or guarantor.
* Import disbursements from servicer-provided or guarantor-provided EFT file.
* Track receipt of paper loan checks online.
* If appropriate, disburse loans directly to student accounts.

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