Release Notes: Item 1210-Int

Internal release to implement Linux PF-key functionality

This release item corrects PF-key functionality on the PBSC Linux box.

PF-keys do not function correctly when porting the mainframe version of FINANCIER over to Linux. This release modifies NEWPAGE and PF-key code to allow PF-keys to function again.

As all current users have already implemented this (in various flavors of *nix) with the exception of UC, we'll keep this as an internal release for reference.

Implementation Notes

The attached zip file contains:

To implement the 1210-int release, complete the following steps:

  1. Unload the SYSOBJH file in the attached zip file into a temporary library.
  2. SYSMAIN the new and updated modules from your temporary library into your development library.

    The updated modules are:

  3. Execute a CATALL against your development library to pick up all data area changes.