Release Notes: Item 1504-01

XML Schema 4.0b

This release upgrades FINANCIER for 2015-16 COD reporting:

For the Direct Loan Export and the Federal Grant Export, the <AbilityToBenefitCode> tag is renamed in Schema 4.0b to <StudentEligibilityCode>. There are three new values added to the Dictionary. (The field label on the Student Demographic screen remains ATB Cd, and the field name is unchanged in the Student file.)

Schema 4.0b changes to the Direct Loan Import affect only PLUS loans. These include:

The CS response document replaces the CO (credit override) response document, which is discontinued as of the end of March. Information in the CS document pertains to COD's PLUS borrower credit status monitoring. On import (via WFDLI16B, which translates the incoming XML, and WFDLA16B, which loads the data into FINANCIER), certain of the credit-related fields are stored in the Loan Application file (WFLOAPPD) and displayed in the new PLUS Credit window, accessible by expanding (PF9) on the yellow Credit label on the PLUS loan screen. Fields relating to PLUS credit are used in FINANCIER as follows:

  XML Tag                    XML source       FINANCIER Field Name    Processing    

<CreditDecisionStatus>        RS                not stored            Updates acknowledgment status (WF-LA-A-ACK); 
                                                                      D (Denied) value is printed on report output by WFDLAIMB   

<EndorserAmount>              CS (prev in CO)   not stored            Printed on output report

<CreditActionStatus>          CS (new field)    WF-LA-PC-CR-ACTION    Displayed in Credit window; updates WF-LA-A-ACK; printed on output report; 
                                                                      generates an event

<PLUSCounselingCompleteDate>  CS (new field)    WF-LA-PC-COMP-DT      Displayed in Credit window

<EndorserApproved>            CS (new field)    WF-LA-PC-END-APP      Displayed in Credit window

<CreditRequirementsMet>       CS (new field)    WF-LA-PC-CR-REQ-MET   Displayed in Credit window

Values for the new fields are defined in the Dictionary per the COD documentation.

Regarding <CreditRequirementsMet>, COD is requiring a value of True (WF-LA-PC-CR-REQ-MET value of Y in FINANCIER) in order to disburse a PLUS loan. This release does NOT include logic to prevent a 2016 PLUS loan from disbursing if the Credit Requirements Met tag is False. Clients should manage this requirement manually.

The <CreditOverrideCode> tag, which was formerly imported from the CO document, displayed on the output report and used to update WF-LA-A-ACK, has been retired by COD as of 2016. Its function is subsumed into the new <CreditActionStatus> tag. Values for <CreditOverrideCode> were C, E, D, L and N; <CreditActionStatus> retains the D/L/N values, revising their descriptions as follows:

<CreditOverrideCode>    D  credit denied as a result of endorser's denial
   former values        L  endorsed for a lesser amount
                        N  credit denied after pending
   current values       D  endorser denied
                        L  endorser approved for lesser amount
                        N  credit decision changed from pending to denied or accepted

Implementation Notes