Release Notes: Item 1609-02 (Source Changes)

2017-2018 Regulatory Release

This is the second of two release items which comprise the 2017-18 Regulatory release. This item contains code modifications for 2017-18 Federal processing: ADD Load processing, FM calculations, federal corrections and COD reporting. Item 1609-01 contains the 2017-18 file changes.

Modifications to address any further federal announcements will be issued as needed. 2017-18 packaging is scheduled for release when the Pell tables are available, typically by mid-January. FISAP revisions will be released when final specifications become available, usually the following July.

There are no new Federal data fields and no NSLDS changes.

Correction Field Numbers have not changed. The Dictionary entries in release item 1609-01 for correctable federal fields contain the correction numbers.

Verification data for 2017-18 are based on the verification group to which a selected student is assigned. For the 2017-18 aid year, only the V1, V4 and V5 groups will be assigned. (V6 is eliminated; V3 was removed from use last year.) The SNAP and Child Support items are removed from the list of verification fields required for groups V1, V4 and V5. The Other Untaxed Income item is no longer in use; previously it was a required field for V6. The above Verification changes will be released before the end of September, in a subsequent release.

Implementation Notes

The attached zip file contains a SYSOBJH file (sy160902.txt) with replacement modules for all members in this release; library name is FATEMP. See the List of Affected Modules for a complete list. The list is also provided as a text file (1718list.txt) in

To implement the 2017-18 Regulatory release, complete the following steps:

  1. Unload the SYSOBJH file in the attached zip file into a temporary library.
  2. SYSMAIN the new and updated modules from your temporary library into your development library. When copying the updated versions of source modules, be sure to review your current 2016-17 modules and apply any institutional modifications to the appropriate 2017-18 version.

    The new modules are the year-specific components named W*18*. The updated modules are:
  3. Roll your 2016-17 institutional calculations forward to 2017-18 and make any modifications necessary due to institutional requirements.
  4. Execute a CATALL against your development library to pick up all data area changes.
  5. On the FAO Table maintenance screen (under the System menu), when all FAO-specific calculations are in place, for each valid FAO at your institution, modify the High Year field (WW-TABLES.WW-HI-YEAR) to contain the new aid year.
  6. The JCL in the ADD Import job (WFADDIMJ) for 2017-18 will remain the same as last year, with ISIR record length of 4300 (Work File 1).
  7. There are no FINANCIER User Guide update pages.
  8. Perform institutional testing. When testing is complete, you may move the released modules to your test and production environments.