Release Notes: Item 1610-01

2017-2018 Verification (with User Guide updates)

This release updates 2017-2018 Verification processing to comply with federal regulations. Specifically,

In FINANCIER, the top level of the 2017-18 Verification screen no longer includes SNAP, Child Support or Other Untaxed Income. The second-level Parent Verification and Student Verification windows no longer have columns for Other Untaxed Income. Processing for these fields is removed from the Verification Calculation and Overlay programs.

In the Dictionary, values for obsolete tracking groups 3 and 6 are removed for WFVER18D.WF-VE-INS-REQD, the Institutional Tracking Group, retaining values for groups 1, 4 and 5. (The V6 value for the Verification Tracking flag, WF-IS-C-VER-TRACK, was removed in release 1609-02.)

Implementation Notes