Release Notes: Item 1611-01

399 Comment Processing

This release provides a one-year utility process to help manage 399 comments, issued for students who have conflicts between their 2017 tax year data and their 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 ISIR data. Students with conflicts are assigned an applications requirements document, which is set to Complete once the conflict is resolved.

The process includes two new programs, WFCFILDB (2017-18 COM 399 File Import) and WFCFIRPB (FINANCIER COM 399 Load). The Import program, WFCFILDB, stores pertinent information from all 2017-2018 ISIRs sent to your institution in a new ADABAS file, WF-COM399-1718. The 399 Comment Load program, WFCFIRPB, reviews the COM399 file and performs appropriate actions:

The programs use the standard input parameters for FINANCIER programs: Aid Year, Term, FAO, Run Mode, and Effective Date. The reporting program, WFCFIRPB, also has a 6-character program-specific parameter containing the application requirements document identifier, situated at the end of the parameter string. For example: 2018,F,UG,TRIAL,12/01/2016,COM399
Important! In both jobs, the Aid Year parameter should be set to 2018.

The Comment 399 file, WF-COM399-1718, holds a records for each ISIR received - unlike the ADD file, which holds only the most current 2017-2018 ISIR.

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