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Archive for April, 2010


Fund Management

FINANCIER’s fund pages enable you to set up and maintain funds and to monitor fund balances for both day-to-day purposes and long range analysis.



The actual delivery of financial aid to a student involves assembling and offering an aid “package,” recording the student’s acceptance or rejection of the offers, ensuring that all requirements for disbursement are fulfilled and then disbursing the aid according to the institution’s disbursement schedule. The package may consist of grant, scholarship and work awards and loans; each award or loan represents the potential commitment of an amount on a financial aid fund.


WolffPack and Evans Consulting Announce Strategic Business Alliance

The Evans Consulting Group, Inc. (ECG) and WolffPack Inc. (WolffPack) have announced they have entered into a business affiliation to provide a quality financial aid solution for schools with limited technical and/or functional support staff.

WolffPack has many years of experience in providing on-site financial aid software support to colleges and universities and ECG has been providing consulting services to a broad range of postsecondary institutions, small to large, public, private, and proprietary, since 1995…..


Oklahoma State University Selects WolffPack

Oklahoma State University has chosen WolffPack to deliver their regulation updates as well as ……..


History and Audit Trails

With FINANCIER™ you can:

* Use the dynamically updated Event History to review all events in a student’s financial aid process, from receipt of application through disbursements.
* Review all activity related to aid eligibility with the Student Audit.
* Review all activity on an award with the Award Audit.
* Create and update free-form notes regarding specific students, loans, funds and other types of records using the system-wide Notepad.



FINANCIER™ allows you to:

* Review a student’s loan history (including Perkins, FFELP, Direct, Health Profession, institutional, and other loans) by aid year online.
* Package loans online or through the automated packaging process.
* Automatically distribute loans across terms for recording as awards.
* Track loan entrance/exit interviews and promissory note signatures as disbursement requirements.
* Create and maintain multiple loan applications online or through the packaging process for subsidized/unsubsidized Stafford loans, for PLUS loans, and for alternative loan programs handled by Stafford loan processors.
* Automatically calculate loan origination fees and adjust Cost of Attendance accordingly.
* Certify loans online or through a batch review process.
* Export FFELP loan applications and corrections to the loan servicers or guarantor.
* Import application and correction acknowledgments from the servicers or guarantor.
* Import disbursements from servicer-provided or guarantor-provided EFT file.
* Track receipt of paper loan checks online.
* If appropriate, disburse loans directly to student accounts.