About Us


WolffPack is a privately held corporation committed to serving the administrative needs of the financial aid community through software development, regulatory updates, and technical and functional consulting.


WolffPack personnel have acquired a wealth of functional and technical expertise in software solutions for financial aid management. We have more than twenty-five years of experience in financial aid systems and federal regulation design and development. With expertise in financial aid administration, technical writing, and systems engineering, we are a well-rounded team and are among the most experienced professionals in the business.

Commitment to Financial Aid

WolffPack has chosen to specialize in financial aid services and software development. Our active participation in professional organizations and close ties with agencies serving the financial aid community help us to monitor regulations and anticipate trends in financial aid. Our sole focus is Financial Aid.


WolffPack’s client base literally spans from Maine to California, including public and private institutions both large and small. What they all share is a demand for the very best service in meeting their financial aid management needs.


FINANCIER™ is WolffPack’s richly featured financial aid system. Geared for user productivity, FINANCIER™ provides easy navigation, screens that mirror input and output documents, online printing, and extract functions to make use of popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Its superior functionality, combined with the efficiency and convenience of Web technology, allows FINANCIER™ to put control of Financial Aid data back in the Financial Aid Office.


WolffPack can also provide a variety of professional services for your current system, including regulation update development and implementation, system enhancements, and functional and technical consulting.