2017 Releases

1710-022018-2019 Regulatory Release (Source Changes)See List of Modules10/6/17
1710-012018-2019 Regulatory Release (File Changes)Year-specific files and userviews10/6/17
1707-012017-18 Federal Grant and Direct Loan UpdatesWFDLE18B, WFPER18N, WFTCR18N07/01/17
1706-012017-18 Direct Loan FeesWCDLFEEB, WFLNFEEL06/23/17
1705-01XML Schema 4.0cWFDLE18B, WFDLE18D, WFDLI18B, WFFID18D, WFFID18N, WFFLE18B, WFFLE18D, WFPER18N, WFTCR18N 05/09/17
1704-01Loan Detail and Loan Disbursement Detail (with User Guide updates)WFAWDLNN, WFLNDSBM, WFLNDDTM04/07/17