Release Notes: Item 1301-03

2013-2014 Verification Tracking Group

This item updates the 2013-14 Verification logic to support a CPS decision that the Verification Tracking flag (WF-ISIR-1314.WF-IS-C-VER-TRACK in FINANCIER, which contains the student's verification group) should be right-justified. CPS has announced that the ISIR Record Description in the 2013-2014 EDE Technical Reference, which describes the field as left-justified, is incorrect. They have been sending the verification group in the right-most two positions of the four-byte field and will continue to do so.

The ADD Load process has been loading the entire four-byte verification group as received, and does not need to change. The Verification screen map, online driving program and calculation, and the CPS Communication map and online program, are modified to properly locate and display the field.

Implementation Notes