Release Notes: Item 1305-01

Packaging Estimated Pell Grants

This release corrects the packaging calculation for estimated Pell. The minimum and maximum Pell LEU determine the LEU range for which students should be packaged for an estimated Pell award. Students with an LEU value higher than the maximum LEU value set on the Pell fund will not be awarded any Pell funds.

This selection process is working correctly, but FINANCIER is incorrectly using the maximum LEU value rather than the statutory 600% for prorating Pell awards for students near the LEU limit. This item corrects the estimated Pell calculation to use 600% for all students.

For example, before this release, with the Pell LEU maximum set to 590, a full-time, 0-EFC, student with a Pell LEU of 585 would get an estimated Pell award of $282, calculated as:

When this release is applied, the calcuation should use 600% in the proration, to arrive at an award of $846:

Implementation Notes