Release Notes: Item 1307-01

2013-2014 Verification (with User Guide updates)

This release item modifies the 2013-14 Verification program to allow it to be invoked by the ADD Load process for previously verified students (students selected for verification, with a non-blank Verification Status and a Reverification flag not set to manual), to ensure that the Current Transaction and Verified Transaction are kept in synch. (If the Verified Transaction is not updated when a subsequent ISIR is loaded for a student who has already passed verification, COD may reject the student as being paid on a previous transaction when federal loan and grant disbursements are reported.)

A one-time utility program (WCVCN14B) is also provided to update the verified transaction for students previously processed, when the ADD Load wasn’t doing the verification. The program reads through the Aid Year file and performs the Verification calculation for all 2013-2014 students who are verified and have a Verified Transaction number that is less than the Current Transaction number. A list of the recalculated students is reported in Print file 3. As most of the transaction number mismatches resulted from the loading of correction ISIRs that simply confirmed corrections sent by the institution when the student was initially verified, we anticipate that most of the reported students will show "PASS - EXACT MATCH" as a result of the Verification recalculation.

Implementation Notes