Release Notes: Item 1404-01

Loan Period Calculation

This release corrects the loan period calculation for loans with subtypes. Previously, when a student was awarded a subsidized loan and then an unsubsidized loan, the award-loan synchronizing logic did not properly reset the dates after calculating of the loan period for the sub loan, and the subsequent unsub loan would inappropriately inherit the dates from the sub loan. For example: suppose a Fall/Spring sub loan was awarded to a student, with 9/1/13 - 3/30/14 as the loan period, followed by an unsub loan for Spring only. Even though the Spring term had a start date of 1/15/14 in the Calendar table, the loan period for the unsub loan would have been determined incorrectly as 9/1/13 - 3/30/14, retained from the sub loan.

Also, if part of a loan were canceled, the loan period may not have been correspondingly recalculated -- for example, if the spring portion of a fall/spring loan was canceled, the loan period would not have been updated to reflect fall only. After correction, loan periods should be properly calculated whenever loans are created or updated.

As the subprogram involved, WFAWDLNN, is executed during the award-loan synch process for both award-side and loan-side transactions, loans could be affected regardless of where the transaction was initiated. Besides correcting the award-loan synch process, this release provides a one-time loan period recalculation program to fix Loan Period dates on existing loans. This conversion program has an optional input parameter to lock any loan periods found that do not match Calendar table dates, to prevent recalculation of manually entered loan periods. The conversion program:

Implementation Notes