Release Notes: Item 1411-02

XML Schema 4.0a / Direct Loans

This release item provides a number of corrections to COD Schema 4.0a reporting and/or FINANCIER's Direct Loan (DL) process:

Implementation Notes

  1. Modify the PREDICT definition for the WF-LOANAPP file/userview to change the WF-LA-S-EFC field:
         GR 1 WF-LOAN-SNAPSHOT                                         DF
            2 WF-LA-S-DEFAULT                  A        1.0            DG N
            2 WF-LA-S-CIT                      A        1.0            DH N
            2 WF-LA-S-DEP                      A        1.0            DI N
            2 WF-LA-S-CLASS                    A        2.0            DJ N
            2 WF-LA-S-TIM                      A        1.0            DK N
            2 WF-LA-S-GRAD-DATE                D                       DL N
            2 WF-LA-S-BUDGET                   P        5.0            DM N
    chg->   2 WF-LA-S-EFC                      P        6.0            DN N
            2 WF-LA-S-AID                      P        5.0            DO N
         GR 1 WF-ACADEMIC-YEAR                                         DT
    Modify the ADABAS file definition for the WF-LOANAPP file:
  2. Regenerate the DDMs for WF-LOANAPP userview.
  3. Load the Dictionary Import file (dc141102.txt) from the zip file into the FINANCIER Dictionary using the Dictionary Import program (WCDICIMB).
  4. Load the updated modules from the SYSOBJH input file (sy141102.txt) in the attached zip file. Or, you may apply source changes manually for the updated modules. Click on the "mods" link next to the module name for the Differences Report, which shows the previous and current versions of the module side by side. For a further description of the Differences features, click the "Help" link at the top right when the report is displayed.