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Release Notes: Item 2009-01

2021-2022 Regulatory Release (File Changes)

This is the first of two release items which comprise the 2021-2022 Regulatory release. This first item concerns the new year-specific file definitions and Dictionary entries required for 2021-2022 Federal processing (including updated comment codes). The accompanying source code changes are issued in release item 2009-02.

Included (as manual changes only) are changes to a non-year-specific file (WF-LOANAPP) in preparation for a future enhancement.

Implementation Notes

  1. Load the new file definitions from the SYSOBJH file in the attached zip file to PREDICT. These file definitions include layouts for:
  2. Change file numbers to match your institution's physical file numbers.
  3. Modify your institution's WF-LOANAPP file to add the following fields:
    (your 2 byte ADABAS fieldnames may differ)
  4. Generate ADABAS files for the WF-xxxx-2122 files and WF-LOANAPP listed above.
  5. Generate DDMs for the WF-xxxx-2122, WF-xxxx-CMP-2122, and WF_LOANAPP userviews listed above. You may need to set the Generate Security option to YES for the new files.
  6. If NATURAL Security is used, add the new files to NATURAL Security.
  7. Link the new files to your FINANCIER library as Update.
  8. Load the Dictionary Import file (dc200901.txt) from the zip file into the FINANCIER Dictionary using the Dictionary Import program (WCDICIMB).
  9. Manually update the Dictionary to include new year-specific values. (The Dictionary Import will not update the value set for a field that already has one, so these must be entered in the Dictionary manually.)
                            Add:      WFCPS22D      WF-CPS-2122
                                      WFFED22D      WF-FEDERAL-2122
                                      WFICO22D      WF-ICOMMENT-2122
                                      WFISR22D      WF-ISIR-2122
                                      WFMCA22D      WF-MCALCS-2122
                                      WFNSL22D      WF-NSLDS-2122
                                      WFVER22D      WF-VERIFY-2122
                                      WF22FEDD      WF-2122-FEDERAL(ADD)
                            Add:      2022          2021-2022 Aid Year
                            Add:      2022          2021-22 Fiscal Year