Student Data

The student, of course, is the focal point of most financial aid business. Application tracking, award packaging and disbursement, CPS communications–all such activities, and the records that support them, are student-centered.

Your institution decides what student-system information to make available to FINANCIER, and whether any of it can be updated in FINANCIER, when you customize and implement the real time Student Interface.



This would include Budgeting, Awarding, Packagine, Requirements Tracking
With FINANCIER™ you can

•Package awards based on student characteristics and user-defined criteria.
•Define unlimited numbers of packaging formulas.
•Create and update awards online.
•Automatically distribute awards across terms and disbursement points. Automatically redistribute if changes are made.
•Produce custom-designed letters to inform students of their eligibility.
•Track a student’s packaging status online.
•“Lock” an entire fund or a single student record to prevent further repackaging.


Loan Processing

Loans, COD, Disbursement

* Review a student’s loan history (including Perkins, FFELP, Direct, Health Profession, institutional, and other loans) by aid year online.
* Package loans online or through the automated packaging process.
* Automatically distribute loans across terms for recording as awards.
* Track loan entrance/exit interviews and promissory note signatures as disbursement requirements.
* Create and maintain multiple loan origination records online or through the packaging process for subsidized/unsubsidized direct loans, and for PLUS loans.
* Certify loans online or through a batch review process.
* Generate, track and manifest Direct loan promissory notes online.
* Disburse loans directly to student accounts and reconcile funds.



Fund Management/Global Features

Fund Management along with Global Features

* Fund Stuff, screen(S) etc and also

* Maintain compliance with federal regulations with minimal disruption for your financial aid office.
* Integrate seamlessly with other administrative systems, such as Admissions, Student Records and Registration, Student Accounts Receivable, Student Loan, Housing, Development, Payroll and Personnel, and Financial Accounting.
* Use security to control access at the system, screen, file or field value level.
* Perform multi-year and multi-campus processing.