FINANCIER™ employs industry-leading technologies such as Oracle database tools — you can run any SQL-compliant reporting or query tool against its Oracle relational database. FINANCIER also takes advantage of readily available, open-source programming languages to give institutions maximum flexibility in their technical operations. The system’s business logic, for example, is written primarily in PHP, an open-source, cross-platform, server-side scripting language that allows for robust, secure, multi-threaded software application development.

Other advantages of FINANCIER™’s ultra-thin client design include:

  • Easy system access for staff at remote locations
  • Faster response time and reduced network traffic through the use of client-side JavaScript
  • Flexibility of background volume processing, with less dependence on technical staff
  • Reduced technical maintenance, with business rules loaded only to the application server
  • Ability to modify system web pages with the editing tool of your choice
  • Savings in training time and expense, as you leverage your existing word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Lower equipment costs