WolffPack provides the FINANCIER™ User Guide in two versions: one for printing a replacement manual, and one for online reference use.

Print Version

If you have not kept your User Guide current, you may need to reprint the entire manual. For an up-to-date copy of the complete User Guide, download and unzip the Print Version, then follow the instructions in the instruc.txt file to print and duplicate the manual.

Important! Once you have a current User Guide, keep it up to date by printing future update pages from the Release Item postings. An item that includes documentation changes will have the words “with User Guide updates” in its title on the Product Releases table.

Electronic Version for Online Reference

If you wish to have the User Guide available on your workstation, download the Electronic Version. This version has been reformatted for reading on the screen in Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or higher) and streamlined for reference use.

Note: The electronic version of the User Guide is NOT identical to the print version. Its page numbering and format are different, so it CANNOT be used to update your printed User Guide. Because it is intended for users who are already in production with the system, the Electronic Version does not contain the implementation worksheets and other training materials included in the print version. In addition, the table of contents and index have been replaced in the Electronic Version with the Acrobat Reader bookmark and search functions. The Electronic Version is updated whenever Release Items containing documentation updates are posted. Updates are announced by e-mail.