2013-2014 Pell Tables

WolffPack, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2013-2014 Pell Tables (Federal Pell Grant Payment and Disbursement Schedules) are now available from the WolffPack web site, in a convenient and readable display. In addition, with WolffPack’s Pell award lookup feature, you can enter a student’s enrollment status, EFC range and Cost of Attendance range and get back the scheduled Pell award amount.

Find the Pell Tables here.

WolffPack to Host 21st Annual Users Conference

Over the past two decades, WolffPack’s annual Users Conference has visited both coasts and many a fascinating place in between. This year, Daytona Beach and the Plaza Resort & Spa will be the setting for the 2012 WolffPack Users Conference, being held December 5–7.

The conference will kick off with a welcome reception Wednesday evening. Sessions will run all day Thursday and Friday, with topics ranging from implementation of the 2013-2014 federal regulations and FINANCIER™ product information to an update from the Department of Education. We’ll wrap the conference up with a dinner event on Friday evening.

WolffPack clients may download the conference registration packet from the Conference Materials page under Client Resources.

WolffPack Provides Easy Online Access to Federal Pell Tables

WolffPack is pleased to provide a convenient new means of accessing the Federal Pell Grant Payment and Disbursement Schedules online. Simply click on the “Pell Tables” tab and select the appropriate award year.

The Full-Time enrollment table will display automatically, while the handy pull-down menu lets you select the Three-Quarter-Time, Half-Time, or Less-Than-Half-time table. Your browser’s scroll bars let you navigate quickly within each table. To highlight a particular Cost of Attendance row, simply click anywhere within that row.

WolffPack’s Pell Table cell lookup feature, available from each of the four tables, will display the appropriate Pell Grant award for whatever combination of enrollment status, EFC range and Cost of Attendance range you enter.