Introducing FINANCIER™

FINANCIER™ is WolffPack’s comprehensive financial aid system–not just a retool of an old system, but designed from the ground up with new technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of financial aid administrators. FINANCIER™ combines its superior functionality with the convenience and efficiency of web technology. With FINANCIER™, administrators, technical staff and students alike can access the information they need, faster and easier than ever.

Superior, Accessible Functionality

  • FINANCIER™ has the full complement of functionality that put the original NATURAL™ version of the system head and shoulders above other financial aid systems.
  • It interfaces seamlessly with your other student applications–whether they’re home-grown or another vendor’s software–so your financial aid office can employ best-of-class tools while maintaining system-wide efficiency.
  • The popular browsers used to access FINANCIER™ make it easy to navigate, with little or no learning curve, using software that’s already on your desktop.
  • E-mail and download options can help reduce your printing costs and time. Send award letters, requests for information, reports or other documents directly to student or administrator mailboxes, or make them available for download.
  • Powerful security options let you make the right amount of information available to each type of user.

Superior Technology

FINANCIER™ employs industry-leading technologies such as Oracle database tools. Users can run any SQL-compliant reporting or query tool against its Oracle relational database. FINANCIER™ also takes advantage of readily available, open-source programming languages to give institutions maximum flexibility in their technical operations. The system’s business logic, for example, is written primarily in PHP, an open-source, cross-platform, server-side scripting language that allows for robust, secure, multi-threaded software application development.

Other advantages of FINANCIER™’s ultra-thin client design include:

  • Ability to deliver award letters, reports and other output directly to student or administrator e-mail accounts or web pages
  • Easy system access for staff at remote locations
  • Faster response time and reduced network traffic through the use of client-side JavaScript
  • Flexibility of background volume processing, with less dependence on technical staff
  • Reduced technical maintenance, with business rules loaded only to the application server
  • Ability to modify system web pages with the editing tool of your choice
  • Savings in training time and expense, as you leverage your existing word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Lower equipment costs

To learn more about putting FINANCIER™ to work for you or to schedule an online demo, contact our Sales and Marketing department at or 1-888-WOLFFPACK.