Regulation Services


WolffPack has a proven track record in our approach to providing financial aid regulation services. After reviewing your financial aid system and any modifications you’ve made, we design a customized regulation update and develop the changes in your own test environment. We work around your modifications and keep you informed about the changes we make along the way. No surprises.


WolffPack’s regulation services clients are consistently ahead in the regulation process. Because they receive their updates earlier, they move to production faster. This enables them to get award letters out sooner, giving potential students the information they need to make important admissions decisions.


The quality of past WolffPack regulation updates is unparalleled. But if you find a problem, all you have to do is call us. We will correct the problem immediately.


With your regulation updates safely in WolffPack’s hands, your technical staff has more time for other projects. And the savings don’t end when we finish the installation. Because of the high quality of the work, your staff will not be burdened with numerous corrections. For your financial aid staff, an earlier start means more time to better serve your students.


You can rest easier knowing that WolffPack’s expertise is behind your regulations updates. Our personnel have been successfully developing federal regulation updates for more than 20 years on a variety of packages and hardware. And we are available when you need us – even if it’s after 5 or on the weekend.


Our work is guaranteed. Period.

To learn more about putting WolffPack’s professional services to work for you, contact our Sales and Marketing department at or 1-888-WOLFFPACK.